We believe treating yourself, the planet, and others with care and respect is important. Our everyday choices have a direct impact on the world we live in. Slowing down allows us to see all that Mother Earth gives us and how we can give back. And, buying products that give back to Mother Earth and that treat individuals with respect makes a difference. This is why we abide by the values below in our sourcing.

More Than Clothing

When we take time to still our mind, gratitude, compassion, and clarity will flow. This is why we are passionate about spreading this message of Slow Yourself Down. What we wear can simply serve as an external garment. Our apparel is more. It serves as a powerful reminder each time you wear it. When you read the phrase, “Slow Yourself Down”, it reminds you to live in the present and to focus on what’s most important in life.

We believe our shirts are so much more than clothing. They carry a message that brings encouragement and a way of life. Our clothing can be just the thing that lifts someone's day in a positive way. When you wear our apparel, you get to be a part of spreading joy and light to others.
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