It all began when former professional surfers, Aamion and Daize Goodwin, and their family traveled the world in 2015. During this trip, they carried stickers that carried a simple yet powerful statement, “Slow Yourself Down”. After seeing individuals from all over the world resonate with the message, they knew they had something special and from there, Slow Yourself Down was born.

The stickers eventually evolved into a full merchandise line, with a focus on clean designs, top quality, sustainability, and signature tie dyes created and hand-dipped by Aamion’s dad, visionary artist and color wizard, Aaron Goodwin.

Through our products, we seek to encourage others to live in the present moment. Each product is created with purpose. From our ethical sourcing to our hand dying process to local designs, our products are more than just items. They are made with love and they are works of art.

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