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Who We Are

We’re real people making really good products. 

Our mission is to create and deliver quality, sustainable wear rooted in a simple mantra that reminds us to be present. 

As a Hawaii-based company, we take joy in giving people a taste of authentic Aloha wherever they may be in the world. 

We value community, family, craftsmanship and true sustainability, with a special passion for protecting the ocean. The ocean connects us all and is the source of life. Its permeating spirit embodies freedom, and reminds us of our own greatness. Today, the ocean needs us more than ever, and we have a responsibility to honor, take care of, and protect it.

Through the Slow Yourself Down movement, we hope to inspire our global community to be a part of something greater, by contributing in small and bigger ways to restoring the health of our ocean, our planet, and our collective family. 

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About the Founders.

Jesse Merle Jones and Aamion Goodwin met at four years old in a local homeschool program and grew up as brothers on the paradise island of Kauai in Hawaii. They spent their young years as two peas in a pod surfing, camping and fishing along the Garden Isle’s North Shore. Growing up on a small, remote island in the middle of the Pacific has a way of turning friends into family, creating a special kind of trust that yields a lifelong bond. 

By age 17, Jesse and Aamion had become professional surfers, traveling the world, often together, surfing and competing under the sponsorship of well-known surf wear labels until they officially left their surfing careers five years ago. 

Back on Kauai in 2015, following their insiders' experience with surfing labels and their merchandise, they felt inspired to launch their own creative venture: Slow Yourself Down was born. 

The phrase “Slow Yourself Down” came in a candid interview, as a reflection of their life philosophy - a way of life that’s rooted in presence, connection to nature, and community. It was soon slapped onto mass-distributed stickers, and eventually evolved into a full merchandise line, with a focus on clean designs, organic cotton tees, and signature tie dyes created and hand-dipped by Aamion’s dad, visionary artist and color wizard Aaron Goodwin. 

The lifestyle brand found its home in Hanalei when Jesse and Aamion were location scouting, and unexpectedly came to own The Wishing Well, a shave ice truck specializing in organic flavors, acai bowls and cold brew coffee, and a locals’ favorite. 

Jesse and Aamion currently run Slow Yourself Down with their crew from the brand headquarters in Hanalei, Kauai.

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