Simple Palm Coozie

Designed in Hawaii. Original Art. Spread Aloha.
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Introducing our Simple Palm Coozie – a stylish companion for your beverages, featuring a sleek palm tree design intertwined with the Slow Yourself Down mantra. This coozie not only keeps your drinks cool but also brings a touch of tropical tranquility to your sipping experience. Let the palm tree and soothing mantra serve as a gentle reminder to take a moment, unwind, and enjoy life at your own pace.
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Simple Palm Coozie Coozie - Slow Yourself Down

Simple Palm Coozie


Simple Palm Coozie


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With over 35 recipes & including over 10 popular recipes from our coffee house, Wishing Well Coffee & Tea, each recipe is not only a culinary delight but also a celebration of the slow living philosophy.

Prepare your meals ahead of time, pack them into our re-usable jars, and take your nourishment on the go.

Here’s to embracing simplicity, savoring each bite, and making every adventure a delicious memory.


A 3m55s video journey into our brand and what we stand for.

It all started with a simple sticker that shared three powerful words, slow yourself down.

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