Our Story


It all began when former professional surfers, Aamion and Daize Goodwin, traveled the world with their family in 2011. During this trip, they carried stickers that carried a simple yet powerful statement, “Slow Yourself Down”.

After seeing individuals from all over the world resonate with the message, they knew they had something special.

From there, Slow Yourself Down was born.

The stickers eventually evolved into a full merchandise line, with a focus on clean designs, top quality, sustainability, and signature tie dyes. Each tie dye is created and hand-dipped by Aamion’s dad, visionary artist and color wizard, Aaron Goodwin.

Through our products, we seek to encourage others to live in the present moment. Each product is created with purpose. From our ethical sourcing to our hand dying process to local designs, our apparel is more than just clothing. They are works of art, made with love, and words of encouragement.


Aamion grew up around the world, living mainly in the outer atolls of Fiji, the Cherry orchards of New Zealand and the Garden island of Kaua’i. Experiencing different ways of life showed Aamion that connecting with the earth and being present brings him the greatest fulfillment.

He lives a pretty fast paced lifestyle with 3 kids, 2 businesses and a property that needs constant attention, but he always finds moments to slow down. He makes a conscious effort to slow down by getting on his kids' level and letting them lead him into their fun, present world. They trim their fruit tree, stare out on the ocean, and read the movements of the water, appreciating the many colors that change with the ever moving sun.

Slowing down helps him prepare his mind and body for the world that is moving so fast. His goal is to create a brand that reminds people, no matter where they are or how busy they become, that slowing down helps you enjoy life more.


Raised in Hawai’i, Daize has always been connected to nature. Growing up she learned the power of slowing down through surfing, playing music and exploring the island. But as she has gotten older, Daize has learned that with the fast paced world, slowing down is essential for sanity and can actually happen anywhere.

From sipping a hot cup of tea early in the morning to just being in the chaos of family life and appreciating it, Daize focuses on the moments to bring peace in her busy world. Daize loves to continually work at being in the moment and helping others to see the beauty in slowing down.