Slow Yourself Down


Comfort & quality - you can feel the difference.


Life is Too Short to Let it Pass You By

This is why we want Slow Yourself Down gear in the hands of everyone who resonates with this message.

We sell 100% organic & sustainable wear rooted in a simple mantra that reminds us to be present.

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High quality comfort, we're confident you'll love!

We understand that shopping online can be tricky, so we want to take the guesswork out for you.

Our clothing is made with 100% organic GOTS cotton, the highest quality standard for textiles. If you've never worn organic cotton, you'll notice the difference right when you pick it up. Buttery soft and super cozy. Super long-lasting as well!

We're so confident you'll notice the difference and love the quality, which is why we have our one year guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the quality or comfort of our product, let us know and we will replace or provide store credit for your items.
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Getting Started

3 simple steps to start living a life of presence
Slow Yourself Down

1. Choose A Reminder To Live Present

Select the products you'd like to help you slow down and live present.

Slow Yourself Down

2. Start Practicing Your Life of Presence

Start practicing the art of slowing down while we ship your products to you.

Slow Yourself Down

3. Enjoy & Spread the Word to Others!

Enjoy a life of presence, regain peace, & spread the word to encourage others!

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